A History Project

As I study addiction and addictive behaviors, a suggestion was given to me.  I took my immediate family, and that included Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents and Cousins, and of course Siblings.

I made up a handwritten family tree and wrote a small legend designating those I knew of who had additive types of behavior such as alcohol, or drug, or food abuse, or weight issues. I had to keep in mind that not all of this was obvious as I know some relatives far better than other ones. More than 48% of us had one or more of those issues.

My history project hardly is scientific, but what it made me realize is that it seems to be true that addictive behaviors run in family via a gene pool so I’ve gone off to check that out too.

In 2011 (so that’s recent history) a study (it is scientific as opposed to my project) done by … “the Yale University School of Public Health. A lead scientist announced the discovery of an addiction “gene” that has been identified as associated with multiple addictive behaviors, such as alcoholism and drug abuse, in white women of European origin. This gene is located on chromosome 11 and is called PKNOX2; it is indicative of multiple dependencies among white women involving nicotine, alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, opiates and other drugs. The women with this gene were almost twice as likely as white men, black women, or black men to have two or more addictions. Altogether, the scientific research in genetics is contributing a rapidly expanding number of genetic influences relating to addiction.”  http://www.originsrecovery.com/the-science-of-addiction-genetics-and-addiction/

Of course I don’t think food is addictive.  We need food to live, but I think the abuse of food, overeating, and such is a clear indicator of abusive behavior.

Just today’s thoughts



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