So, I consider myself an addict. Some of you may be offended by that, and that’s just too bad. In my heart and mind, it feels like addiction to me, and it always has. My addiction revolves around sugar and carbohydrates.

I believe in enjoying almost all things so long as it’s in moderation. My issue is that I cannot moderate myself when it comes to sugar or carbs.

I’ve read tons about sugar and sugar derivatives, artificial sugar, raw sugar, and syrups, and stevia and agave, etc.

If you can moderate your intake with those things, good for you, but I can’t and my actions make me feel like an addict.

I absolutely do overeat at times. I adore food, especially really great food that is comforting and tastes like heaven. And yes, sometimes I eat just to eat and I get very annoyed when I realize that I’ve eaten unconsciously. I’ve eaten food and not realized that I’ve eaten a whole box, or a whole bag, or the whole whatever.

Maybe you can relate. If you are an addict, I get it. If you aren’t stay with me, you don’t have to ‘qualify as an addict’ to read along.

I come from addiction. It’s in my genes. My parents were alcoholics, though thankfully they recovered. Couple that with depression which has a long streak in my family and it’s a dangerous issue.


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