I think that people – generally – have negative thoughts about those who are overweight, or fat, or obese, or chubby or whatever term you use. I know that in my pre-fat days, I had those negative thoughts about what those people were about. Often it went way beyond disgust and more into judgement about them. Sometimes that was right, but I’d suspect that often it was wrong.

It’s so easy to cast judgement until you walk in the other’s shoes. I hope to raise awareness about food, food addiction, the frustration of trying to lose weight, and the cycle of near desperation that you can feel.

Dear reader, you won’t be able to best me in whatever you’ve done in keeping your ugly friend – fat – on board with you. If you feel like sharing what you think or feel please do so in the comments section below. Comments are moderated so you may not see your post immediately unless I happen to be online at the time


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