The journey so far…

In 2012 I decided that in 2013 I was going to change the way I eat, what I eat, and discover why some foods are labeled ‘bad’ or ‘good.’ I’ve long needed to drop weight.

You need to know that I do not like the word ‘diet’ as in “I’m on a diet,” nor do I care for the cliché of “lifestyle change.” I’m not sure exactly what words I’ll use, but Health Journey works for me. Diet sounds so temporary to me, as though it’s something you’ll try to do to drop 5 or 10 pounds.

For myself, I need and wanted a jump start, an initial quick drop in weight followed by healthy choices with room for play.

I’ve never followed rules well. I’m simply the type that questions rules in adulthood. I know me though, and I have to have the ability to have a glass or two of wine, a gin and tonic, some fatty foods, however I also have to work that into the boundaries that I’ve chosen for myself. I have a plan for that, though.

After doing much reading and talking to my doctor, I chose a modified mostly liquid diet.  This particular food program is 28 days with the possibility of extending another 28 days. Primarily it’s a liquid protein, fiber and carbohydrate program with a main meal at lunch sandwiched between two shakes or smoothies.

On day 21, I’m down 11 pounds, and I’m thrilled to pieces. I fully admit that the first few days were not pleasant. I was very tired, and a bit cranky, but after that things got much easier.

I’ve had a few times when I’ve actively chosen to not participate in my health journey, and I have paid dearly for it. Immediately I put a pound or two on, and that may be retention if I’ve gone off-path with alcohol. I also feel like I’ve been run over by a train, and now I listen to those signals because I used to be able to abuse my body freely. It’s only now that I pay strict attention to how I feel.


2 thoughts on “The journey so far…

  1. I love that you’re doing this, Nan! You have my support, 1,000%. I’m on your side. And I love reading your writing. So I’ll be looking forward to blog posts, and weight loss, to come! Lots of love. P

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