The White Pants and The Wedding Dress

Shopping. It’s a bit of a chore for me. I go on my own because when I get bored or tired I can leave and don’t have to wait for someone else to finish changing or looking. However there is another, more personal reason I go on my own, and it’s because I’ve never wanted anyone to know my exact/inexact size.

Labelling for women’s clothes is so frustrating and I wish there was a standardized system, but there isn’t. Your size with one label may be totally different to the next label. It’s confusing, and rarely leaves you feeling good about yourself.

My wedding dress is a prime example of the problem with sizing. In 1999 I married for the second time. My husband and I shopped for my wedding dress together, and while I could afford to buy a dress for $10,000, I just couldn’t justify that in my mind. Even now when I’m watching trash tv and see those wedding shows and hear what has been spent on dresses, I’m always a bit horrified. Especially since so many of those marriages end in divorce.

On a sale rack at a JC Penny, Larry (my husband) found my dress. He pulled it out and had a look over it as I was already trying on another dress. He brought it in to me and I put it on. It was the wrong size… too big actually, but as he held on to the waist and pinched he assured me that he knew a great tailor who would alter the dress. It cost $128.00. Now I can’t call myself frugal, but when it comes to clothes I love a deal, and I love something that lasts. Also, I’m hardly a fashion queen.

So I’ve digressed….

I’ve kept my dress because I want to wear it again. I want to shorten it and dye it black and then use it as a cocktail dress. It’s currently hanging there in my closet reminding me again and again.

And then yesterday, I was out shopping, and I saw a pair of white pants. I’ve never worn white pants, ever, never, and yet these pants grabbed my attention. They made me think of summer – not Ontario summer, dear reader, which I struggle with – I don’t live in Canada for the weather. Rather, these pants made me think of California summer.

The pants are not in my current size. It will take some work to get into them, but I visualize sliding into them, and feeling glorious and proud of me and glad I had to work my ass off to get into them.

And my cocktail dress…that too will be a signature moment.

Peace and love!



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