I don’t do one type of exercise, and I found out a long time ago that gyms don’t work for me. I’m like most people, highly motivated in the beginning and then that tapers off, and the same goes for exercise classes. Classes are typically held when I don’t want to be exercising, either mid morning or in the evenings.

I walk with the dog. When the weather improves I’ll walk further. Where do I walk? I walk the neighborhood, but I’ve also got favorite trails that I walk on. Trust me when I say my dog loves to walk or run (I really don’t care for running.)

I do exercise dvd’s and it’s a mixed bag. One that is yoga focused – I wish I liked yoga more, but have never truly enjoyed it. I have a zumba dvd and a jazzercise dvd, and some well known celebrity trainer dvd’s that I use and I have a stationary bike that I ride now and then too.

I’m loyal to no one except me and that way I’ve kept my costs down and my motivation and interest up. I prefer to exercise at home as I get to choose the time and I get to wear whatever I want in the privacy of my home without having to brace myself for the extreme cold we feel here in Canada.

You can’t afford a gym? That’s an excuse, you don’t need a gym

You can’t afford classes? That’s an excuse too.

You’re too tired? In time exercise gives you more energy, and you’ll feel better.

If you download music, put your music on and move. How do you move? It doesn’t matter at all. You don’t have to be the recent winner on a dance reality show; no one cares what you look like because you’ll be by yourself.

If you have shoes and legs that work, you can walk. Walking can be done anywhere at any time.

Stop thinking about it and just get moving!!


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